Shadow Heart

Shadow Heart

It has been a day. It has been a week. I’m in a reviewingy kind of mood, so let’s review:

  • Saturday was my drunken stroll through the neighborhood
  • Sunday was…recovering from Saturday
  • Monday & Tuesday were a blur of painting and shifting things around and random social activities
  • Wednesday was spent in the park.
  • Thursday – More painting, more shifting, more social activities
  • Friday – Paint shift, Paint, tutor, shift, paint

Whole lotta shifting going on. And my room is almost entirely a very calm and pleasant shade of very very light purple. Almost blue. I am calling it the purple equivalent of powder blue. I really like it. Just a little more shifting and a little more painting, and some furniture assembling, and I’ll be done.

It feels cathartic to change the color of my room. I’d also like to get a damn tattoo to commemorate this change. I keep saying this every year, and every year it ends up not true that this is the year I am going to get my children’s names tattooed on me as a Mother’s Day present to myself. I suspect it will be true this year, as well. Damnit. But at least I have a nice, purple room until I can make good on that promise to myself. A purple room and new to me secondhand furniture that’s only slightly damaged. Hahaha. And dreams of a mandolin to strum in my poster bed all strung up with colored lights.