I’ve been taking a mini vacation. A small escape. Holed up in my good friend’s house…dogsitting. Watching cable television. Today has been an endless blur of HGTV, 16 Candles, Breakfast Club, and Say Anything. And lots and lots of commercials.

And doing laundry. And writing in my journal. And dancing. Kind of the usual, only in a different place. With cable television.

I’m trying not to keep track of time too closely, but I have about 3 weeks left before I start my job. So. There’s that. It feels like forever, but there are some pretty major projects I want to complete before I have to start devoting 40 hours of my week to a job. I’m so glad I’ve been able to take some time to be by myself and reflect before I start ramping up.

Some habits I think I’ll keep:

  • Breakfast on the porch with a book
  • Blogging every night before bed
  • Walking, walking, walking every day
  • Chalk pastels on Sundays
Never Quit

Never Quit

Some habits I still need to establish:

  • Some sort of cleaning schedule
  • More regular cooking and baking
  • Business planning (and execution)

Projects I want to complete:

  • May Day picnic
  • Room rearrangement/painting
  • New HVAC unit
  • Clean out garage/yard sale

(That’s a lot…I’m hoping I don’t have to pare down, but if I do…the garage cleaning can wait.)

I’d also really like to shake the blues that tug away in moments of happiness. Shoo, blues!

Tree Shadows

Tree Shadows

Did you know there is a vacuum for ear cleaning? The WaxVac? Weird shit, man.