The Art of Unsticking a Window


You must be thorough.

That angry purple paint

you carelessly splashed

onto walls

over baseboards

globbed onto sills & casements

won’t give easy

Having solidified

In your

Living Room

for a decade

while you’ve craved

open windows

never time to

break the seal


Though you wield a hammer

You must be gentle

The glass, already



and delicate

a window is more

vulnerable, even,

than it seems

Surrounded, as it is, by

impervious, swollen



You must be innovative

When a hammer doesn’t work

try a paint scraper

& if you can’t find

a paint scraper,

you look for a


And if your last housemate

stole all your tools,

use the metal spatula

floating in the

sink’s lake of last night’s

fetid dishes


You must be persistent

get at every single

crevice – slicint, pushing,

pulling, hammering,


with all your might

that you will get this

fucking window


You will feel this autumn’s

cool breezes in your

Living Room


You must

write poetry

in your mind

as you work.


You must stop

When you are done

and celebrate

By writing down that poem.


You must not

be discouraged

by the fact that there are

Three more windows


to be

Pried Open.