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The Tao of C & mama

Over the weekend, I hosted another fine installment in a neverending series of teenage slumber parties.

Can you see the tiniest evidence of the scrap of influence I attempt to exert over these situations?

Oh, slumber parties. I don’t think TTOC slept at all, but his friend admitted he fell asleep at some point during the night. But they had fun, and they’re such good boys.

And tonight, Buddha the Grouch made a really tasty dinner that seemed to have been cursed for at least the last week. First, the rice he had been carefully saving for stir fry – allowing it to become the perfect texture – got eaten. Then he got sick. Then today, when he finally got down to cooking this epic meal, he opened the tofu to discover it smelled like, as he described it, cat butt. And it really did. I’m not sure how that happened with unopened tofu that was not yet past its expiration date, but man…that was the stankiest tofu I ever smelled. Tofu emergency!

We all survived, though I was worried when Monk told me he actually tasted the cat-butt tofu. He had cooked it first, so…I’m still hoping he doesn’t get sick. Yuck. I’ve never smelled tofu like that. So. Gross.

So, the way my work week works, I have two more days of work, then a day off, then one day of work, then two days off. It’s not bad. Not bad at all. Although my next day off is going to be spent running weird errands. I’m still trying to find a good rhythm. This week isn’t a good example because I’m a little rundown & feeling like taking it easy. I have things in the works for the next couple of weeks, though.Exciting times.

By the way…wtf, USA? What. The. Fickety. Fuck?


Today is all about the sniffles. It’s been smelling like rain all day, but refusing to rain…and my sinuses have been doing their job, fortifying against the evil mold spores! I shall fire upon them with my plentiful mucus!

As I write this, I am hiding from my children. Holed up at my friend P’s house, watching cable television and doing laundry while she’s out of town. This happens way more frequently than I deserve, but not nearly as frequently as I desire. It’s nice to escape my houseful of boys on occasion.

But it’s also nice to be at P’s house, because it’s very P. I’m hoping she doesn’t mind that I just took a bunch of photos of what that means so I can share them with you. hahaha. (I texted to get her permission and she said “No worries.”)

This, is P…

And This is P…

…and this

and this…

and, oh, you catch my drift…

I think it’s abundantly clear why P is so awesome. ❤

Thanks for letting me housesit, P!!!!