Clean Energy, Not Toxic Tarsands

Clean Energy, Not Toxic Tarsands

I want you to please take a couple hours out of your day to watch the following videos. Maybe do it gradually, over the course of a few days.

Tarsands 101:

Tarsands 201:

Climate Change 101:


And then I want you to please go to this website and donate to a campaign that will help spread the word about TransCanada, Keystone XL, big oil, pipelines, climate change, environmental injustice, environmental RACISM, Tarsands Blockade, and the corporate terrorism that has become global business as usual.

That website again, in case you forgot to click and donate:

Please. I don’t ask for much. People are putting their lives on the line in this struggle. If you can’t afford to donate, please take the time to educate.

Oh, and FUCK TransCanada.