A somewhat maybe not-so-random mix for you tonight…

Things are good. Things are getting better. I’m practicing being patient. Always. I’m always practicing being patient.

But I have to give myself some credit this week. I feel like I did a pretty damn good job. I was supportive, honest, and firm. I listened, I validated, and I explained. I gave leeway when necessary, which can be so difficult…that line between nudging and coercing…that line between allowing for expression and asserting expectations…I’m not perfect, but I did alright. I’m proud of the boys through all of this. It can be so easy to get caught up in the personality traits of my children that are more challenging, and forget about all of the wonderful things about them. The fact is, if I could mold their personalities exactly they way I wanted them to be, that would pretty much go against everything I’ve ever tried to teach them. My hope for them is that they grow up and they aren’t total assholes. There’s a lot of room there for a variety of outcomes. ❤

I’m pretty sure they’ll do ok.