The Fine Art of Dish Stacking

I’ve been…temporarily unavailable. After a month spent practically living at The Capitol, I’ve been pretty busy tending to my household, preparing for the upcoming school transition, taking care of myself, saying goodbye to my dear friend Pansy, who moves away in just a few days. Reacquainting myself with some familiar scars. Or attempting to. Wishing I could avoid some, but allowing myself to dwell on others.

I fell out of my rhythm, and now I need to regain. I seem to be staying up later and sleeping in until just a few minutes before work starts – falling out of bed and into work. Which is fine, but…no leisurely coffee/book transition into my day makes everything seem off. So this week I will try to have breakfast on the porch at least once. Take at least 3 3-mile walks. Write at least 3 blog entries. And Make soup and grain salad for dinner this week. This is where I’m failing myself. Not having a regular rhythm for exercise/cooking/creating…and relaxing. I end up relaxing in all the wrong ways – vegging out in front of a stupid game or something – and not doing anything useful or fulfilling.

And next week, I get back to my garden. My poor, neglected garden.

Hope all is well with you…