I just wrote this in my journal:

…I’m blogging about writing in my journal while writing in my journal about blogging…

(and sometimes the oddest mixes happen on shuffle)

Hope, of course, is always accompanied by the fear of hopelessness, which is a legitimate fear.


The point – the only interesting point – is that we have not quit. Ours is not a fight that you can stay on very long if you look on victory as a sign of triumph or on loss as a sign on defeat. We have not quit because we are not hopeless.

My own aim is not hopelessness. I am not looking for reasons to give up. I am looking for reasons to keep on. -Wendell Berry

and this is just beautiful:

I think I could watch that video all night.

In my journal, I just wrote the words “alpha-indifferent.” Which is not at all descriptive of my feelings about that video. More like this one:

Which brings us full circle. Thematically, if not rhythmically.