To give you an idea of where my head is at tonight…I just spent about half an hour making this sign for my door:

Lainie's Lair

My New Door Sign

Proving a few things. First: That I probably have too much time on my hands. Second: That living with 4 boys is finally starting to get the better of me. Third: I’m either really rusty at freaking Microsoft Publisher, or this damn computer sucks. I’ma blame the controller this time.

Also the omnipresence of boys in my damn room. Ugh. Love those kids, but I’m trying to create a little sanctuary of Lainieness in here. Hehehe.

(And this is why I will never live with anyone I’m in a relationship with unless I have my own damn room. It doesn’t have to be big. It doesn’t have to be fancy. It just has to be mine. Mine Mine Mine.)

In other words, this is the one place in the house that doesn’t smell like permafart, and the mess contained within is almost always caused exclusively by me, and is usually not slimy, moldy, or otherwise offensive. At least not to me.

In other other words…it’s my goddess haven. ā¤

Did I mention I’m going to paint the doors and closet with chalk paint so I can make chalk drawings on them? šŸ™‚ I’m psyched. Also, I’m getting a lovely painting from one of my favorite superheroes to hang in the blank space over my dresser. It’s all limety-green.

Today was work, and reckoning, and saying goodbye. Again. There are multiple layers of goodbye, it seems. And it’s ok. I’m ok. It’s just…it takes time. And I’m taking my time. Savoring the heartbreak, because you never know when you’ll get your heart broken again.

This last bit of goodbye (for now. for now. for now) required a pleasant walk to the post office, and a lovely blustery return.

I saw Monk parakeets

and revisited the pomegranate tree

But still no rain.

(no politics tonight. <3)