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Mr. Friedman’s company Stratfor

is a private security firm

that government agencies pay

to gather “intelligence”

(and I use that term loosely)

on private citizens

exercising their rights

to free speech and assembly.

We are pleased that wikileaks

recently returned the favor

by releasing numerous leaked emails

about Stratfor’s activities

According to the leaked emails

-along with many other questionable activities-

Stratfor gathered information

from at least one Texas DPS officer

who was operating undercover

within the Occupy Austin movement.


We object to being spied on

by agencies who are paid

to serve and protect us.

We object even more

to private security firms

making money

by interfering with our rights

to assemble

and petition our government

for a redress of grievances.


Free speech and free assembly

are rights guaranteed

in our constitution

we object to attempts

to deter anyone

from exercising them.



Mr. Friedman

our freedom

is not your profit margin.

Our rights

are not for sale.


Mic Check!

We are the 99%

we will not be silent

about your crimes

against the populace

Occupy Austin!

Occupy SXSW!

Occupy Everywhere!


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