My plan for sxswi is to target panels of interest and then go wherever my day leads me. If you are here, you can find me at @drublood on twitter, or email me ( for other contact information. I’d love to meet up and chat! Here’s what I have targeted for today:

11 AM

The Start-Up of YOU

The Power of Fear in Networked Publics

The Most Wanted Unusual Suspect: Markia Zuckerberg

Making Stories: Libraries & Community Publishing

A Conversation with Joss Whedon

Reflections of a Zen Digital Nomad

Big Social Media Results at Small Organizations

12:30 PM

HTML5 and CSS3: Does Now Really Mean Now?

The Great Library Swindle: Your Rights Are At Risk

Do People Really Want Participatory Government?

Building Community Engagement Around Open Content

SOPA Media Coverage Dissected

Is Social Media a Human Right?

Creative Energy: Renewing the Fight for Renewables

All of the Late Break + Future15 in Texas Ballroom 1-3 @ the Hyatt

Multiple Personalities – Not a Disorder but the Norm

Shoebox Full of Photos: Beyond Digital Storage

Cloudy with a Chance of Gaming

Crowd Sourcing Community Projects Like Tom Sawyer

2 PM


3:30 PM

The Secret Life of Links

Catch Me if you Can: Frank Abnagale 10 Years Later

?uestlove: Social Media for Minority Mindshare

Read/Write Library: Mapping a City Through Media

Communities of Transparency: Open Data in Action

Winning the Story Wars

Why Doesn’t Congress Grok the Internet?

Decentralized Organizations: Do They Work?

The Secrets and Surprises of DIY Promotion

Crowdsourcing Science

The Curators and the Curated

Rise of the Indie Web

5 PM

The View From Inside Rainn Wilson’s Brain

The Wars of Tech

Abundance: The Future is Better Than You Think

Binary Bitches: Keeping Open Source Open to Women

A Carlin Home Companion

The Public is Present: Exhibition Subsites at MoMA

Beyond SOPA/PIPA Moving Forward w Engine Advocacy

Screw the Job Market: Young + Passionate =/= Broke

Welcome to the Chaos: The Distributed Workplace

Erasing Lines Between Physical and Digital Worlds

Crowd Sourced & Collaborative Story-Writing

How to Break Through the Noise with Great Events

Games 4 Change: Great Power, Great Responsibility

Reporters & Evangelists: Politics of Online News


…Not sure if I will be attending any evening events this year…