Three songs I heard driving home from Kate’s house today:

Yaz – Winter Kills

Someone once put this song on a mix tape for me, and I’m so glad for it, because I never ever ever liked Yaz, and I would have never heard this song had it not been smooshed between other, more familiar songs. Which is really what a mix tape is all about, isn’t it?

The Smiths – Well I Wonder

Makes me think about an old high school friend who recently emailed me because he was listening to the first Smiths record and it reminded him of me sitting behind him in math class. Or him sitting in front of me in math class. Or whatever.

Kate Bush – Hounds of Love

I always hated Kate Bush because she seemed so affectedly waif-like. But something about the Decemberists’ live cover of Wuthering Heights (which is arguably just awful, but still somehow catches the essence of the song and the book) made me listen to her again with different ears.